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Welcome to Suit Coat Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, I wear a suitcoat or suit jacket on and call it Suit Coat Wednesdays! The excitement for this is that we all need a little extra boost sometimes to get us through the week. It is the middle of the week, and a lot of people get tired and start looking and wishing for the weekend. Plus, we have all hear the saying, when you feel good you do good!

When you have a suit jacket or suit coat on, people may look at you a little differently. Have you ever wondered why people dress up and wear a suit coat for an interview for a job? I believe it is for a few reasons. They want the person who is interviewing them to take them seriously about the position. I know people who never, ever, wear a suit, but will wear one when they are looking for a job and going on an interview. There must be something about the look!

The second reason could be to feel better about yourself and to help you take the interview seriously. I believe our mind works and believes what we believe. Let’s take a military person. They could be in the reserves and would act one way just hanging out in their neighborhood on a Saturday or weekend. But, if you put them in uniform, in their military suit jackets and they are with other people in the military, they would act more authoritative, brave, or would take on challenges that they may not take on their own.

Some work positions require people to wear a suit so that others take them more seriously. You see this with people in authority roles such as a mayor, governor, or a president of a company. This is also true while watching television. News anchors almost always have a suit jacket on as it must give them more credibility to the audience that is watching. It’s the same person who walks around in their home in a T-shirt or shorts, but when they are in public, they try to look more serious so that others take them more seriously. So, give it a try! Take note of how you feel and pay attention to how others may look at you. You may be surprised with the results.




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