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Be Grateful, we are all adjusting in the isolated times.

A few short months ago, no one could have ever imagined the pandemic that is going on in the world today. The COVID-19 virus, also known as the Coronavirus, has literally shut the world down financially and socially. Who could have thought that something that you cannot see or predict where it actually is or who is carrying the virus, would put us all in social isolation.

In today's world, we are use to the social platforms and social media of making posts about our lifestyle. We see people showing how glamorous their lifestyles are by showing you what they drive, the house that they live in, the wonderful trips that they are going on, the food they eat, people working out and showing off their bodies, and the clothes that they are wearing....and a lot of people do it in isolation. It was like we were isolating ourselves before the governments put isolation in place.

According to social media, most are living very happy and glamorous lifestyles. Showing off all of the things that they either have, or wish that they have. We all know of someone who has made posts of cars and other luxury items online that may have been theirs, or maybe not. You see, social media can really separate us all from the world or it can bring us all together. Let's look at one of the biggest terms online in today's world. "Selfie".. The word selfie portraits a singular word that is separated from everyone else. It says I am going to take a picture of myself. Or I am going to take a picture of me in front of something that i think will make me look good or something that I think that someone else may want in life. Now that we are in isolation, I wonder if things will change once the world comes back to some type of normalcy in the future.

Now that social distancing is in place for most of the country in the United States, and other countries around the world, people are wishing that they can get out and socialize again. Right now, we cannot go into restaurants and eat, we cannot go to the movies, we cannot go to sporting events, or travel on a plane to many areas. Schools are being taught online. And there are no sporting events going on. So you cannot watch sports on television, except for the pre-recorded games, and you cannot go to a game. This year will be different as there are ticket holders who will not be able to attend a game because life is precious and one could either get infected or infect someone else if people are allowed to attend a sporting event. But, let's not forget that life is precious and we have to be cautious and wise during these unusual times.

Right now life is strange. We are all in some type of isolation as we have to practice being at least 6 feet away from others. We have to stay confined in our homes and work if we can. But while we are somewhat safe, we should focus in and think about those who are risking it every day that they show up to work.

We can really see who the true hero's are who are still working all around us. The healthcare workers who are risking their own lives every day that they walk into work. They are taking care of all of us who have been sick during these uncertain times. But their are others who are hero's who feed us and make sure that we have supplies to buy. The grocery store workers, the retailers, the shipping experts, restaurant workers, the police, firemen, and the military. I know that there are many other groups that I cannot name, but, I want to thank you all. I want to thank you and your families, because without you, we would all be in true isolation. So I want to say THANK YOU as you are brave, you are the true hero's that we are all counting on.

I hope that when all of this is over and we get back to some normal things in life, that we come out of this as better people. Since we have to stay home, I have thought more about my health, family, friends, co-workers, and the list goes on and on. I have put more thought in the things that I am thankful for and how I hope to be a better person. During this time when we are in isolation, work on a craft or increase your knowledge in what ever you are doing or whatever you want to do in life. When we get out of this, continue to check on others. Check on your family, neighbors, and friends. Remember that there are some people who are completely alone and in isolation by themselves. Check one another. Call someone and check on them. There are some people who are not doing well with the isolation. You never know what a simple phone call will do to give someone hope. And be grateful for all of the things that you have in life. Someone out there is begging to have the lifestyle that you have right now.

Best regards,

Charles R. Davis, Jr

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