Pity Party

Have you ever wondered why people who get depressed, mad, or sad, want to invite others into their issues? Some people call it a pity party. One may get in a funky mood due to something not going the way that they wanted. They only intend to complain for a few minutes. But what happens is that the person get cannot shake the mood. They continue to think and dwell on the issue at hand. The minutes turn to hours. Then the hours can turn to days, months, or even years. Along the way, they invite others in to join in on the pity party. The person may get on the phone or online. Soon others are feeling the same way or showing empathy. And although they all have good intentions, it snowballs and the party just gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger. More and more people get involved and continue to keep the pity party going.

Let's think of it this way...we have all heard the phrase "misery loves company". So if we know this, then why do we still get sucked into a pity party?

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