Whenever you are winning in life, one sometimes want others to stop their own lives and celebrate with you. When you are having victories and climbing to the top, do not always look for others to stay with you or to follow you. Do not always wait for others to give you the gratification that you are doing something awesome. Do not wait for others to congratulate you when things are going well. Do not wait for anything in life to celebrate your own victories. What I am trying to say is that sometimes, you will have to celebrate by yourself and for yourself.

It's a funny place to be when you are climbing and making accomplishments. One would think that family and friends would be behind you and celebrating your victories with you. You will see and learn that a lot of times you will be by yourself celebrating by yourself. We have all heard the phase that it is lonely at the top. I could speculate and go in a number of directions on why some people that you really want in your life to celebrate your victories, but just know that you will be the only one celebrating some of your most accomplished successes.

Everyone is not always there for you as you want them to be. Everyone will not pat you on the back and tell you what at great job or accomplishment that you are doing. Everyone will not be there to smile at you and wish you the best in life. Sometimes, strangers will award you and push you up when others will not. So be careful and be aware of your surroundings. Be ready for the fight and the challenges in life. Be ready to know that you may have to clap by yourself, celebrate by yourself, toast and "cheers" by yourself. But whatever you do, do not stop, do not quit. And do not let others determine where you are going in your life.

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