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Do not follow the crowd

Have you ever wondered why negative news sells faster than positive news? And why are there more people looking to work for someone else rather than chasing their dreams and working for themselves? And, why do people want others to empathize and feel bad when they feel bad about a situation?

In my book, "Win First, Celebrate Second", I speak about a place where a lot of people go to vacation. It is a place that is overcrowded and full of people. The people who go here are not happy but want to stay here anyway. They come to visit for a short period of time and wind up staying here for a very long time. The street is full of people who are struggling with doubt, fear, rejection, negativity, pity, depression, and the list goes on and on.

This place can be anywhere in any city. The street is called "Pity Lane". People come here and want others to follow in their footsteps and feel sorry for them. You may have visited this street recently or sometime in your life as many people have had some type of issue and wanted others to feel sorry for you. You may have been stuck in this place in your life for period of time where you could not move forward in your life due to one hanging onto past or a negative situation in your life. Unfortunately, this is an overcrowded place that many of us have been in our lives.

Instead, I encourage people to move to a much better place that is full of success and happiness. The place is called "Opportunity Lane". This place is much less crowded and full of opportunity. This is a place full of optimism and encouragement. People are looking to better their lives and move ahead to a more positive results. This street is not perfect, however, people are more opportunistic and are learning from their mistakes and failures as they look to moving forward and helping others.

You see, we all have misfortune that happens in our lives. We all have doubts and fears that come into our lives. But, we all have decisions that we can make to help ourselves and to help those around us to live a better lifestyle. The choice is yours, you can choose to stay on Pity Lane and feel sorry for yourself with the always jam packed place with others who think the same way. Or you can move to Opportunity Lane, where people are looking to better their own lifestyles and make a better life for themselves and others. Which place will you choose to live? The choice is yours!

Charles R. Davis, Jr.

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