2016 ends...What are you going to do in 2017?

"Ten, nine, eight, seven...We have all been there. Standing around a large clock in a city or watching a large object lowered from a tall building as everyone is screaming and chanting. Some of the objects may have a person inside such as a celebrity, or it could be a large object shaped like an apple or an acorn. The people all gathered around and they are celebrating. But what are we really celebrating? Let's get back to the countdown...six, five, four, three, two, one, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Fireworks, song, and dance are all happening! Did you win?", (Davis, 2016).

The paragraph above if from my book titled, Win First, Celebrate Second. We all have been around family, friends, or strangers when the countdown begins. Everyone is excited when the ball drops. People start screaming, dancing, clapping, and sometimes kissing. For the year 2017, are you going to be excited because you just had an awesome year in 2016? Did you achieve the things that you wanted to achieve? We all hear people say that they will be glad when this year is over and cannot wait until next year.

Or did you have an awesome year in 2016. You started by writing out some goals or dreams that you had set to achieve. Maybe you were focused on starting something new in your life. Maybe it was a business, a new job, or something new in your life. Was this the type of year that you wanted to have? And if so, did any of the things that you set to achieve happen? If not, what are you going to do this year?

We all hear others, and ourselves, say that this is going to be my year. This is the year that I am going to achieve...This is the year that I will be....This year, I will accomplish...Well, here we are again. Another year has passed. Another year has went by. Another year is gone. So I ask you,

what did you achieve? Are you happy with the results or are you going into another year with despair? Well, the good news is that what ever you want to do and what ever you want in your life, you have to start somewhere.

Make this year count by not waiting for anything to happen before you start. It does not matter who is President, what the inflation rate is, how many businesses are doing well or closing. It does not matter about anything as there are a good amount of people and businesses who started and went through the storm and became successful, when others said not to start. Others will tell you to wait, it's not a good time to start. You have to listen to you! Don't believe or listen when people say things that are not allowing you to move ahead. Because if you do, you will not make it. You will get frustrated and stop. Make 2017 the year that changed your life. Continue to move ahead. Continue to look for ways to move over and through obstacles. Make this year, and "this day", the year and day that you started and continued to make something great!

Davis, Charles R., Jr., (2016). Win First, Celebrate Second.

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