Be A Winner!

Become a winner in life in the things that you do. Winning is an important part of your everyday life. Don't believe me? Winners are awarded in jobs, projects, salaries, and in sports. Have you ever applied for a job and did not get it? How did you feel if you were one of the candidates who had an interview with the hiring manager and did not get the job? And if you did get the job, how did you feel when you were offered the position?

You see when you apply for a position for work, you are competing against every candidate who has applied for that particular job. A lot of jobs will only have one winner. And that is the person who gets the position. So if you did not think that winning is important, what do you think about winning now?

In sports, winning is vital. If you are a fan of football, baseball, or basketball, many people can remember who won a championship game. But often, no one remembers who the championship team played. Why is that? Well, people remember the winners. The media also helps to project the winning team by interviewing the coaches and players after winning a championship game or any game. They usually shy away from the losing team and will put their focus in on the winning team.

To read more about winning, you can read our book "Win First, Celebrate Second", by Charles R. Davis, Jr. The book is available online on Amazon, Books-a-Million, and Barnes and Noble.

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